Saturday, June 25, 2011

sometimes I have these moments, tiny flashes of time, where I learn something from my children that changes my life and leaves me feeling a little winded or shocked. It's so easy to get caught in up in our roles as a family that I often totally miss the emotional development of someone, or don't see them fully for the whole human they are. To me, they are my children and in trying to provide for everyone's needs, keep meals on the table and some sense of hygiene and order in the home, make sure everyone's shoes fit, work out disputes and generally keep the peace. But they are people, living their own lives and having their own experiences ALL THE TIME. Sometimes I get to witness this but a lot of times I miss it until something happens, the tiny flash. Yesterday began in the usual bustle of getting three kids fed, dressed and out the door to an appointment that was close by to the music store that we rent Frances' 1/4 size fiddle from, and the bow needed replacing so in typical mom mode I decide to kill two birds with one stone/car trip. Plus I had the back up of the husband willing to wait in the car with the other kids which is golden. An opportunity to avoid taking a 22 month old into a store filled with expensive musical instruments should be seized. So here we are, just Frances and I going into the store together, just the two of us. The fiddle bow was exchanged, and the store clerk asked Frances if she would play for her, and Frances was delighted to oblige. I explained to the woman that Frances had decided that she didn't want to take lessons and explained to me that she all ready knew how to play and that I had learned a lot from the experience of watching her teach herself and just enjoy the experience of playing a musical instrument, creating her own sounds and improving on them in a pace that suited her perfectly and to her own standard. And this is true, it really has been a learning experience for me, watching this all unfold. When Frances finished playing, she told the woman that she was also very good at playing the piano (she is!) and the ukulele. The woman asked her where she found the time to play all of these instruments and Frances said "I find the time from myself. And, dropping out of school helped." And that was the moment. We all have time from ourselves. School does get in the way of teaching yourself how to make music and other really important things. I left that music store in awe of my daughter and her self-earned wisdom. Reminded that she is not just my child, but a whole person that I am privileged and delighted to know. The store clerk looked me in the eyes and said "bring her back ANYTIME." And I will.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

look at those happy readers.

It's kinda been killing me that my camera was left out at a friends house and I haven't been able to take new pictures the past week or so. Busy times in general. Lot of pickle making and jam canning, starting school, teething and no sleeping. A big busy blur. But school supplies have been purchased, new shoes have been bought and lunches packed. All very photogenic subject matter, but all undocumented. Such is life.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Summer's nearly done

the weather turned suddenly last week, from really hot to crisp and fall-like. while I hated the 40 plus with 100% humidity or whatever it was I am sad to see the beginning of the end of summer. tomorrow will be the first day back to school for my son who is going into grade 2 and next week my middle daughter will be having her first day of junior kindergarten. I have done zero back to school shopping this year, deciding to wait until I know what they need for school supplies and knowing they don't need any new clothes. back to school time is hard for me as I have a lot of conflicting feelings about school and if it is a path we should even be on. I read about home schooling, unschooling, auto didactic learning and even flirt with the idea of full on going back to the land and having my kids just raise chickens and grow beans for the next five years.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

mystery garden

mid summer I noticed what I thought was a pumpkin vine growing out of the flower bed at the front of my house. assuming that a seed from a hallow e'en pumpkin left too long on the front porch had somehow gotten into the dirt and germinated I didn't think too much about it. then I noticed a little green fruit growing right on the sidewalk which I again assumed was a little pumpkin but was still impressed with the little rebel. examining it a little closer, the 'pumpkin' looked like it had scars all over it's skin. "from growing on the concrete?" I wondered. then one day I looked at it again and d'oh! realized that we had a little cantaloupe on our hands. I guess from the compost I turned in there this spring but who knows. the little cantaloupe grew and grew and yesterday when we returned home from a camping trip (with the best!weather!ever!) the cantaloupe was big, fat and ripe. I picked, cut it up and we ate it. so delicious.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

goin' camping

packing up our trailer for a final swan song of camping before school starts up. the weather has been chilly lately, but warmed up and promises to be hot for a couple more days so there will be lots of swimming in the lake, canoeing, hiking and singing by the fire.

Monday, August 23, 2010


Today was my son's seventh birthday. His birthdays are always a milestone for me as well, as they also commemorate the beginning of parenthood. How we have all changed and grown in these past seven years is almost immeasurable and while I'd like to say it's been a smooth journey, it hasn't. I have blown it as a parent many times, luckily I have nailed it shut a couple of times as well. I have all these ideas swirling around in my head right now about parenting, perceptions, expectations and experience but I've got dishes to do, cake to wipe off the floor and at some point I need to get some sleep. I've got to be fresh as a daisy for a day at a water park.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

it's been how many years?

It's been at least 3 years since I have posted anything on this blog! It seems not long ago and so far away all at the same time. Crazy that time, always passing.

anywhoozle, I would like to try and post regularly. I haven't been writing regularly for years now and this seems like a good place to start.

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