Monday, September 6, 2010

Summer's nearly done

the weather turned suddenly last week, from really hot to crisp and fall-like. while I hated the 40 plus with 100% humidity or whatever it was I am sad to see the beginning of the end of summer. tomorrow will be the first day back to school for my son who is going into grade 2 and next week my middle daughter will be having her first day of junior kindergarten. I have done zero back to school shopping this year, deciding to wait until I know what they need for school supplies and knowing they don't need any new clothes. back to school time is hard for me as I have a lot of conflicting feelings about school and if it is a path we should even be on. I read about home schooling, unschooling, auto didactic learning and even flirt with the idea of full on going back to the land and having my kids just raise chickens and grow beans for the next five years.

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