Thursday, September 2, 2010

mystery garden

mid summer I noticed what I thought was a pumpkin vine growing out of the flower bed at the front of my house. assuming that a seed from a hallow e'en pumpkin left too long on the front porch had somehow gotten into the dirt and germinated I didn't think too much about it. then I noticed a little green fruit growing right on the sidewalk which I again assumed was a little pumpkin but was still impressed with the little rebel. examining it a little closer, the 'pumpkin' looked like it had scars all over it's skin. "from growing on the concrete?" I wondered. then one day I looked at it again and d'oh! realized that we had a little cantaloupe on our hands. I guess from the compost I turned in there this spring but who knows. the little cantaloupe grew and grew and yesterday when we returned home from a camping trip (with the best!weather!ever!) the cantaloupe was big, fat and ripe. I picked, cut it up and we ate it. so delicious.

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